The Scheme is now closed to new members.

The Scheme is split into three categories, Category A, Category B and Category C.

  • Category A covers members who joined the Scheme when it was known as the Armed Forces Superannuation Scheme ("AFSS") i.e. those members who joined the Scheme up to 31 March 2008.
  • Category B is split into two classes, Category B Military Class and Category B Civil Class.
  • Category C covers members of the NZDF (Civil Staff) Superannuation Scheme ("CSSS") who were transferred from the CSSS to the Scheme on 1 January 2010.


Generally, Category A and C members’ savings are locked in until you leave the NZDF (including from regular force to the reserves), when you can then access your savings or keep them in the Scheme. Upon leaving the regular force, Category B members’ funds must remain in the complying section of the Scheme or can be transferred to a KiwiSaver scheme. There are some circumstances where members of all categories can withdraw their money sooner. These are:

Purchase of a first home

You may be able to withdraw some of your savings to put towards buying your first home. You may also be able to purchase a home if you owned a property before.

Significant financial hardship

You may be allowed to make a withdrawal from your account if the supervisor is satisfied that you are or are likely to suffer financial hardship.

Serious illness

If you are suffering a serious injury, illness or disability, you may be able to make a withdrawal from your account.


Please note that there are a number of conditions that apply to each of the types of withdrawals discussed above. Log into your online account to download the relevant form which includes further instructions.